Bueno tenia estos episodios y me decidi a subirlos , los deje de lado por que estaban subtitulados en ingles pero seguramente algun fanatico de anime lo sabra apreciar

Capitulo 01: Girls, are here/Girls, the birth
Capitulo 02: Gentle Bubbles!
Capitulo 03: Girls assembled!
Capitulo 04: Girls, the bond of family!
Capitulo 05: Mojo's Revenge Mojo/Observation Tower Crash
Capitulo 06: Fuzzy Lumpkins!/Himeko the Princess
Capitulo 07: Make it come true! Momoko's love/The most heinous trio! Amoeba Boys!
Capitulo 08: Charming Maiden Sedusa
Capitulo 09: Coach Kaoru's Special Training Soccer!/ Fuzzy in love!
Capitulo 10: Charisma Beautician Monster
Capitulo 11: Princess Goes Outer Space!/Chase The Cake-thief!
Capitulo 12: Bubble of First Love
Capitulo 13: Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo!/Revenge of the Camera Monster!
Capitulo 14: Gangreen Gang!
Capitulo 15: The Targeted Fashion Show!/Man of Honor! Ramen Monster!
Capitulo 16: Woe! Secrets of the Princess!
Capitulo 17: Don’t Miss the Photo-Op!/Brotherly Love! Electric Wave Monster
Capitulo 18: Monster Tag Team Battle
Capitulo 19: Lamenting Piano Lesson!/All Mighty! Ms. Keane
Capitulo 20: Rowdyruff Boys!
Capitulo 21: Rubber Duckie Monster!/Escape of the Hated Veggies!
Capitulo 22: Him, the Ultimate Evil!
Capitulo 23: Love Tale of the Kabuki Monster!/Who is the King of Insects!
Capitulo 24: Ken's Search for New Buddies
Capitulo 25: Prankster Stationery!/Roses, Noses, & Hannah!
Capitulo 26: Save Santa!
Capitulo 27: Make'em & Eat'em! Sushi Monster!/Peach and Sapphire!
Capitulo 28: Ladies Tag Team Battle
Capitulo 29: Let's Go to the Dentist!/Saturday Powerpuff Fever!
Capitulo 30: Girlz and Him!
Capitulo 31: Funta's Rolling Spirit/Sedusa's Love Game!
Capitulo 32: Hooked on Momoko!
Capitulo 33: Momoko's Leaving Home!/Keane's Pity, Mojo's Piety!
Capitulo 34: The House Where Ghosts Live!?
Capitulo 35: We're Not Just Weeds!/Compassion Law for Monsters!
Capitulo 36: Girlz Break Up!?
Capitulo 37: Manga Monsters Jump to Life!/Girlz' Leave of Absence!
Capitulo 38: We Are the Torimakees!
Capitulo 39: Little Ken's Big Wish!/Girlz in Quarantine!
Capitulo 40: Girlz, TV, and a Big Present!?
Capitulo 41: Demashita! Shirogane Z/Girlz Interchange!
Capitulo 42: Powerpuff Rowdy Boys!
Capitulo 43: Rescue the Kidnapped Scientists!/Liar Momoko's Disaster!
Capitulo 44: Kaoru likes big biceps!
Capitulo 45: Momoko and the Frog Prince!/The day Sedusa disappears?!
Capitulo 46: Hopeless?! Girlz vs Him
Capitulo 47: A trip is all about your companion, Mojo and Keane!/Suddenly appearing! Powerpuff Kids!
Capitulo 48: Shabon Freedom Miracle
Capitulo 49: Killer move!? Love Love Beam!/Mojo's Nurse Day
Capitulo 50: Defeat the Girlz Alliance!
Capitulo 51: Girlz Crossing Time
Capitulo 52: Girlz, the last battle!


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